Voilà-Madame! is a Sisterhood

Photo from the photo essay A Girl's Night Out by Adriana Parrilla 

I always admired other women. I've always been fascinated with women that can achieve so much with so little. Women that fight all life adversities to become what they want to be.

There are so many women that I meet every day that have amazing stories to share on different topics that it seems reasonable to me to want to share them.

I always wanted to create a place where we can all go to get inspired. Inspiration can come in different forms but it mainly comes from life experiences.

Getting inspired by other women's empowerment life stories create a stronger bond between us.

So this site, Voila-Madame!, will be that place where you can get inspired and get connected with other women around the world.

Every month you are going to find a new story, a new advise, and unique life experience from a gorgeous, smart and creative woman just like you.

I'm really excited about this new chapter, and I can wait for all of you my beautiful ''chicas'' to come and join this sisterhood.

       ~ Adriana 

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