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A few months back I met Andrea Brendel through a mutual friend. When I met her, I was so captivated by her style and the passion that she has for dance that immediately I wanted to get to know her better. When you meet her, you are completely intrigued by her toughness and edginess, but yet she managed at the same time to be so poised and delicate with every move that she made. A complex duality that all women have that fascinate many but comprehend only by few.
Here Andrea tells us what makes her so unique.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I come from Poznań, Poland and now I’m living in Paris. I came here three years ago to pursue my dance training. I’ve been mostly working with Thierry Verger. His technique Modal Underground is very dear to me, and he’s been my inspiration from the beginning of my dance journey. I’ve also worked on few projects with Jean-Claude Marignale and took classes with Dominique Lesdema. This year I’m mostly researching new styles, and I’ve started training with aerial silks. It is an ongoing journey of discoveries and sharing my passion with different people. Aside from that, I’m also a teacher and light designer. These activities complement my development as a dancer, choreographer, and as a person.

 What does dance represent to you? 

For me dance is life. It’s the place where you discover yourself,  where you express yourself,  where you share and exchange with other people. It’s a continuous learning process. Not only technically, but also, because you learn about yourself, about others, about the world. You continuously challenge yourself, you grow as a dancer, and as a person.

 What defines your Style?

I’ve never really thought about it. I’m independent, and I like comfort and a good life. You could say that my style is urban. It’s a mix of many influences from which I take what corresponds me.

 What is your definition of Style? 

I think that having your own style is creating something that corresponds you. It’s shaping your lifestyle, picking up the clothes you wear, things you eat, places you go. It’s the way of expressing yourself and your individuality.

What does freedom mean to you? 

It’s to have a choice. To be able to do what you want to do (even if at that moment it can mean that you need to do something you don’t really feel like doing). Freedom is being independent, being able to decide for yourself, but it also means taking responsibility for yourself and your life.

 What inspires you? 

Inspiration can be anywhere. It might be people you meet, discussions you have, books you read, music you listen to. I think I get most of my inspiration from meetings with other people and conversations.

What does the word WOMAN mean to you?

This is a difficult question. It's limitless hahaha! Being a woman gives you so many opportunities and choices, sometimes it makes some things harder, but these obstacles make us stronger. It’s playing between oppositions. It comes with opportunities and challenges. But isn’t it just that being human?

*All photos by Adriana Parrilla

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