Photo: William Waterworth
Hello there,
I'm Adriana a Puerto Rican photojournalist currently living in Paris. I have a passion for documentary photography with a social content but as well many others things that shape constantly my visual aesthetic.

Voilà-Madame! was born with the need for sharing all these wonderful things that inspire me everyday. Whether is sharing my latest commercial projects, behind-the-scenes of my documentary projects, my love for this city, my travels, lifestyle, fashion and style, even cooking recipes (I'm impressed for this one), this blog is a place where you can have a glimpse of what is going on inside my head and how I see everything that is around me. So, if you are a creative dreamer and believer this is the right place for you. 

Thanks for stopping by!

For any question you might have you can contact me here.
If you want to know more about my documentary projects you can check my portfolio here

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