The Perfect Invitations for a Special Event

Recently I've been so caught-up with work and life in general that I basically been neglecting all my friends. Not on purpose, but I didn't have time lately to see them, not even for a quick coffee.  I treat my friends like family and for me is really important to nurture those relationships constantly. So I decided that it was time to do a nice gathering that we can all enjoy. I was thinking on doing a little get to together to enjoy the last days of summer here in Paris. One thing that I love doing here is picnics. In Paris not even during summer, we have good weather so every time that there is an empty blue sky everybody is near the Seine river or the Canal St. Martin eating cheese and drinking wine. (It sounds cliché but is literally the truth).

I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, let say that I didn't want to send the typical text saying are you free this Sunday for a picnic? 

Lucky for me, recently I partner with Paperless Post to try out their online invitations for my next event. I couldn't say no to this opportunity because it was the perfect way to get motivated to actually organize something like an adult (or more like a highly successful PR business women) for my beloved friends.  
Checking their website I was super impressed with the variety of choices of invitations that they have. Each one divided into different sections like Wedding, Birthdays, Parties and Entertaining etc. which make everything so much easier to browse. But what I really like is the art and design of the templates of each card. So well curated that I basically had an ADHD moment looking through all the invitations. It took me a while until I was able to choose one. I was so indecisive, too many beautiful choices (People that have ADHD like me can relate to this). Also if you are feeling super creative you can actually do your own invites from scratch. But this time I choose one of their own design and customized it to my own needs. Here is the final result. What do you guys think? 

I choose this one because of the watercolors and the ice creams that make it look very summery. By the way, the cards are animated, I had an Awww moment went I saw that. 

I look forward to planning my next gathering just only to send one of their beautiful print invites by mail. Did I mention they do paper invitations? Well, now you know.  

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