Branches of Montmartre

When you are in Montmartre in Paris, you always feel that you are transporting yourself to another era. There is something so magical about that place. The white color of the basilica Sacré-Cœur, the cobblestones streets, the green color on the old walls, the branches of the winter trees and the grey sky, give this place a unique atmosphere.  Now I understand why so many artists, like Picasso, lived there because you get inspire in every corner. 

So this time I decided to do a photoshoot completely inspired by the streets of Montmartre in the winter. As well of Grace Kelly and the 1950's. I'm very pleased with the result having in mind that it was super cold that day and that Claire (my dear friend and lovely model), and I were running basically to finish the shoot. 

Photos: Adriana Parrilla

Claire is wearing vintage Christian Louboutin pumps, vintage skirt and necklace and a turtleneck from UNIQLO .

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