Time is Dancing - Meike Harde

I always passed half of my morning on the internet trying to find new inspirational creations or ideas. One of my fave website where I can do actually this is Fubiz. There you can submerge yourself in the work of designers, photographers, stylist, architects, you name it, everything that scream creativity.

This week they feature the work of German designer Meike Harde. On his latest work Harde redefine the idea of time with an interesting clock. Call "Time is Dancing" the clock hands are represented by a ballerina that change of poses with each hour. With each different pose every hour, the clock not only give the motion of time, which is just numbers in our conscious, but also give "time" a more meaningful approach. That is in constant changing but is moving in a more gracefully and delicate way.

As a ballerina myself I love the idea of this clock, because, in our hectic life, time becomes a stressful idea that do not let us see and enjoy everyday life experiences. I prefer to think "time is dancing" maybe I will be late for everything (normal thing for me) but at least I will be enjoying every minute of it.

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