L'ATELIER Paris-Tokyo

"Koketsu ni irazunba koji wo ezu"    -  Japanese Proverb 
( Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained)

 Sometimes we have the necessity of exploring new things and challenge our self. Sometimes we have to seek our dreams to gain more beautiful life experiences. Sometimes in our life we have this uncontrollable impulse to leave all things behind and start a new chapter of self-discovery.

 With that in mind the guys of  L'Atelier decided to begin a new journey into their life to create a brand that reflects their love and passion for the two cities that formed their personal style, Paris and Tokyo.  Their passion for outdoor lifestyle, photography, bicycles, Parisian and Japanese style inspired them to create a collection that portraits a new touch of heritage style and new-wave vintage.  The collection depict colors and texture that represent nature and urban versatility like grey, navy blue, military green and brown. Mixing different types of lightweight fabrics like cotton, wood buttons and leather with simple/classic lines and handmade definition for an ultra clean result. The main idea was to create pieces with a very functional an utilitarian aspect for every-day and outerwear. Sophisticated slimmer cuts and refined  finishing will be their signature mark that shows their high quality of confection, in other words the "Made in France" touch.  With and assortment of t-shirts, accessories and bicycles their design aesthetic is simple, show as much is possible the world that surround them and the cities that form them as individuals emphasizing on the importance of nature and the quality of handmade products.  

Collection Originale : 

Collection Paris-Tokyo: 

Collection Classique: 

Collection Nature:

Handmade Bikes: 

L'Atelier x Calepino

You can purchase the collection here... or at STARCOW in Paris.  

For the fixies you can contact them here...  

You can also fallow them on Facebook:  

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