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As you can see I've been changing my logo/headers every three weeks. It's kind of a new experiment that I'm doing, I'm asking friends to do something (free subject) with the name of my blog and I've been receiving really nice stuff. Everybody's getting very creative and today new header is a proof of that. It's from my good friend Dimitri Clairet a.k.a Sensei. He's a professional athlete, a fencer to be exact, a sneaker addict, a hip-hop fan, a globetrotter and of course a quite good graffiti artist. He also have a nice blog called Just2ShowU where he talks about all the countries, expos, concerts and competitions that he has been. I think if you like arts, hip-hop, jazz, basketball, Jordan's you name it, you should make a quick visit to his blog.  Also I wish him the best of luck because he's competing this month in Chile for a place to the Olympics Games this summer. Dear friend Volià-Madame! is  rooting for you...  so gooo Dimitri, make your mark on them like Zorro and kill them all !


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