Frank Pellegrino x Revert @ BARBERSHOP

This past Thursday at the Barbershop in Paris, the artists Franck Pellegrino and Revert presented a little exposition of their most recent work.  With the collaboration of another well know artist called Tyrsa they created two cool skateboards decks with a very typographic and abstract style. Also they showcase some paintings, illustrations and collage with graphic and geometric details that represent in a way their unique art style. The event was packed, lots of their friends and supporters came to not only have a great time but also to give a well deserve applause to these talented kids. I really enjoy it. Sorry for the quality of the images I was invited to this last minute and I din't have time to take my camera with me...anyway you guys get the point.


  • 68 avenue de la République
  • 75011 Paris, France

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