Decoration Ideas: Design Stickers

If you are looking for new ways to decorate your house, you should check out this brand new website, Desing Stickers. There you can find a variety of stickers icluding some of your favorite rap artists, cities and even some sick graffiti tags that can make your home look like a MTV Cribs. So if you want to give some edginess and cool vibe to your living areas, go check this website.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh nice... the problem is that I have to pay in euros !!!! said...

My Sister got an eiffel tower for her room. I love these designs though, definitely very different to what's available in Australia.

Adri M. said...

First of all thanks for your comment. Yes indeed this designs are very nice. Don't mind to get in touch with the company maybe they ca ship you a cute design to Australia :).