When you talk about french graffiti, you definitively think of MIST. With a unique style this Parisian artist born in 1972 work is way up, to be one of the most recognizable street artist of his decade. Admire also by the elite art world, the work of "MIST" distinguish it self for being one really diabolically playful. Toys, devils tails and horns, big colorful outlines are his most representatives trademarks. His work depict the foundation of graffiti but evolve in a new typographic style that can be enjoy by a very large public. You can checkout his latest work call HYPOTÉNUS at Galerie Le Feuvre in Paris.

Photos: DIMITRI CLAIRET  checkout his blog  http://just2showu.tumblr.com/

 until December 17 @ GALERIE LE FEUVRE 164 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 PARIS
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