Never it's to late to help our brothers and sisters of Japan who suffers last march from a devastated earthquake and tsunami. And in order to do that NIPPON GANBATTE was born, a non lucrative organization created by two young French entrepreneurs, Gilles Dondaine and Corentin Maignien. There main goal it's to help reconstruct the city of Sendai in a effort to spread the word about the tragedy, but also to honor the people and culture of Japan.

So they created a really cool t-shirt with an awesome design that cost 20 euros. You buy one t-shirt and 15 of those 20 euros (the other 5 euros are use to manufacture) go's to "Rennes Sendai" an association they team up with in order to make this possible.                  

For more info: 

contact :
Gilles : +33(0) 609 044 411 
Corentin : +33(0) 663 089 911 
Arno : +33(0) 610 526 971 

Facebook Page:

Rennes – Sendai 
7 quai châteaubriand 35000 Rennes
Tel : +33(0) 299 782 266 
Fax : +33(0) 299792 144


Flofynumberone said...

Great Desing... just great !!

MissRodriguez said...

Love Japan, this so beautiful and inspiring ;-)

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