Many Vectorz is killing it again !!!

Two moth ago I presented to you guys Many Vectorz a Paris based crew that find in the streets more than their inspiration.This time this collective of young artists travel from Paris to NYC to experience life in the Big City... and with what they come out? With a sick video and a really awesome song called ZEITGEIST; L'Esprit du Temps (The Spirit of Times). We have to fallow this crew really closely because in a short period of time just with their creativity and incredible talent they are killing everybody... Enjoy the video!

" ZEITGEIST; L 'Esprit du Temps"
Alia Skeez feat. Theor Hetoric

Direct : Many Brako
Production : Skut
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BBGUN said...

I don't understand French but the video is really well done, this crew has potential!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice Vid !!

Fake said...

Great Video... great images of NYC !!!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow, I really like the video!! I have a feeling they're going to be huge! xoxoxoo

CC said...

The video is amazing! :)

CC said...

The video is amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

The video is awesome... I agree this crew is going to be famous one day ;)

Adri M. said...

Hey Guys !!!! Thanks for the comments... the guys of Many Vectorz are working really hard to make it big one day. We have to support more young talent like this.


Adri M.

66 said...

voilà ça c'est du lourd !!!