Looking through the Window with my 5 senses

Photo: ADRI M.
Five senses cannot sense the fact of our existence
And that's the only fact, in fact there are no facts
Fax me a fact and I’ll telegram, I’ll hologram, I’ll telephone
The son of man and tell him he is done
Leave a message on his answering machine telling him there are none
God and I are one
Times moon, times star, times sun
The factor is me, you remember me
I slung amethyst rocks on Saturn blocks
‘Til I got caught up by earthling cops
They wanted me for their army or whatever
Picture me, I swirl like the wind tempting tomorrow to be today
Tip-toeing the fine line between everything and everything else
I am simply Saturn swirling sevenths through sooth
The sole living heir of air and I, and, and all else follows
Reverberating the space inside of drum hollows
Packaging bottles and chips and tomorrow
Then sold to the highest nigga
I swing from the tallest tree
Lynched by the lowest branches of me
Praying that my physical will set me free
'Cause I’m afraid that all else is vanity
Mere language is profanity
I’d rather hum
Or have my soul tattooed to my tongue
And let the scriptures be sung
In gibberish as words be simple fish in my soulquarium
And intellect can’t swim
So I stopped combing my mind so my thoughts could lock
I’m tired of trying to understand
Perceptions are mangled matted and knotted anyway
Life is more than what meets the eye and I
So elevate I to the third and even that shit seems absurb
And your thoughts leave you third eyesolated
No man is an island but I often feel alone
So I find peace through

          Def Poetry Jam:  
        - Saul WilliamsUntimely MeditationsFive Senses 

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