Larry Clark

So let's talk about Larry Clark somebody ho I found extremely interesting. The other day I was watching his first movie "Kids" (1995) and I came to the conclusion that he make one of the most realistic and yet still fiction movies. For those of you ho never saw this film, you should see it, like right now is a classic. It tells the story of a group of sexually active teenagers in NYC during the HIV era in mid-1990's.

Another film that shocked me was Bully (2001) I think I watched when I was 18 or 19 years old... but at that time I ignored that the film was actually based on a true story. I discovered that when I watch some old episode of "Unsolved Mysteries"... and of course I was scare. So to get to the point the film is about a group of friends that murdered one of his friend in revenge for his continual abuse and psychological torture of others.

And then is his photography winch I found extremely obscene and disturb but very beautiful in an artistic point of view.

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