Pigalle x Nike 2014 Collaboration

Pigalle or PPP crew (Pain O Chokolat, Pigalle Paris, Pompom) one of the coolest brand of my neighborhood, 18 arrondissement in Paris, is launching a basketball court inspired collaboration with Nike. With all the simple aesthetics that you can have in basketball, this capsule collection included;  Air Force 1(AF1 Hi and Lo), tie dye jersey tanks and shorts, hats and even a ball. All the 101 basics that you need to play.

The release of the collection will be on April 26th… so stay tuned.

Photos from: Hypebeast

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To Rome with Love #2

This is the second part of my photo journal  from my trip to Rome. A city that let me absolutely enchanted. ENJOY!

" When you are at Rome, do as you see "
- Don Quixote

Photos: Adri M.

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Inspiration Dose of the Week

Photos: Sinichi Higashi

Photos: Flora Borsi 
Photo: Arnaldo Anaya Lucca
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Sunday Morning

Make a badass breakfast, watch your favorite Tv show, listen to a nice song and relax… Enjoy this day.

Photo: Adri M.

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Casual Colosseo Look

Jacket and Bag; Zara, White Blazer; H&M, Blouse and Jeans; Forever 21, Beanie; Carhartt, Shoes; Sergio Todzi
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Lights Out

Thumbs up for creativity and scariness to Swedish filmmaker and animator David F. Sandberg… too spooky !

I also like this trailer, graffiti/animated monster… amazing !

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"Veni,vidi,vici. ( I saw, I came, I conquerred)" 
 - Julius Caesar 

This is the first part of little photo journal of a recent travel that I did to Rome. I was blown away with the beauty of this city. The old/ancient architecture, the dusty air and messy surroundings, make this city a magnificent peace of art. 

Photos: ADRI M.

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Obsessed With…

Gianvito Rossi "Smart" pumps… I want them so bad! 

Photo: http://www.farfetch.com

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That First Kiss

That awkward moment when you have to kiss someone for the first time. You don't know how to do it, you don't know when it's the right time, but you just know that you have to do it. And you feel butterflies in your stomach, your anxious, nervous, you don't know what to expect. But when it happen, when you kiss that stranger for the first, all your agony disappear. Time stop and and you just fly away with the energy of that other person and you forget about the rest. You just kiss, kiss and kiss.

With all that in mind L.A. based brand WREN captured a beautiful moment for their latest fall/winter 2014 campaign. They ask completely strangers to kiss for the first time and the result was purely sensitive and magical. Enjoy…

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The Art of Movement

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul" 
- Martha Graham

 Dancing is more than rhythmic movements. It's a form of communication. It's a channel where our emotions and body become one. Dancing help us communicate those hidden feelings that we cannot express with words. It shows the beauty and dimensions of the human body and heart. 

For  the french photographer Ludovic Florent  showing the beauty of the human body it's part of his work aesthetic. In his photographies the body it's an instrument that with intricate or simple movements it help to unravel the soul and passion of every individual. 

Photos: Ludovic Florent


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