Pictures of the day; Sabine Weiss

"Chère Sabine (Dear Sabine), 
How can one resist the temptation, however slightly one knows you, of calling you by your first name and telling you what affectionate feelings you inspire?
... Your eye is often mischievous, but your gaze is unstintingly generous."  - Jean-Pierre Bourgeois (Photographer)

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Mood Board #1

Sometimes I like to create mood boards to help organize my ideas and express them in a better way. As well to have a better workflow with the editing process. Here is one I did for a photoshoot inspired on Frida Kahlo.

Moodboard Frida
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Pictures of the day; Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is one of the contemporary artists that I admire the most. Every time that I have the opportunity I'm reading or watching a documentary about her life. I always admired the way she portraited strength and vulnerability at the same time in her paintings. A woman that based her art on her personal experiences. Her physical and emotional pain never stop her to express her vision and purpose in life. Here, I recollected a series of pictures of her life that inspire me to do a photoshoot (soon on the blog). Her art, her style her character, her strength, her love for Diego Rivera, her feminism make her in my eyes an Iconic figure.

All Photos: Google Images

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An Afternoon in Paris

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be living in this magical city.  When you stroll around in streets of Paris, you can automatically transport yourself to another era.  I took these pictures one day when had nothing to do. I walked and walked until the cold weather made me stop at Angelina's for hot chocolate with few macarons on the side. What can I say,  besides having beautiful haussemanian buildings Paris have the most exquisites pastry places.

Photos: Adriana Maria Parrilla
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Bruce Weber for Vogue

Here is a selection of pictures that one of my favorites and greatest fashion photographer, Bruce Weber, did for Vogue.  Such a source of inspiration! 

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