The "IT" Jacket

Last year I collaborated in an editorial shoot for a good friend of mine, fashion designer Cemry Oktay. The idea behind the shoot was to showcase one of her latest statement pieces the so-called "it" jacket. A jacket so stylish that you definitely want to put your hands on it. What I love about it, is that uniqueness really different of what we've been seeing on the trends for fall/winter 2017.  
Cemry is young designer originally from Istanbul, Turkey but currently based in New York. Her design aesthetic is really modern, sensual and edgy. She has been featured on Vogue Italy and already collaborated with French fashion giant  Zadig and Voltaire.   

You can check her designs here or follow her on Instagram here


Designer and Stylist: Cemry Oktay

Model: Devon Blowers

Photographer: Adriana Parrilla

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Rice Noodles Flounder Fillet Salad

Healthy Rice Noodles Salad

I have to start by saying that I'm not a self-proclaimed Top Chef. I actually don't know a lot of recipes but when I get inspired and cook something I have the need to share it with everybody. Because for me is an accomplishment.

The other day as you guess it I was feeling inspire and I decide to make a rice noodle flounder fish salad. It's something really easy to do and super healthy. I don't know why I didn't cook this before.

So let's get started...
Healthy Rice Noodles Salad

Rice Noodles Flounder Filet Salad


1 Flounder Fillet 
(already cooked and chopped. I will do another post about how to cook it. I especially like it baked with parmesan.)

1 Portion of Rice Noodles

 1/2 Cucumber (already chopped) 

1/2 Baby Radish (already chopped) 

Organic Sunflower Seeds Kernels 

2 Tablespoon of Limon Juice

4 Tablespoon of Coconut Milk

2 Leaves of Basil 

2 Leaves of Mint

Salt to Taste
  1.  Put the rice noodles for 3 minutes into boiled water. You can at salt to the water or do it later. 
  2. On a small pot heat a little bit the coconut milk and the lime juice. 
  3. As well you can heat a little bit the already chopped cucumber and baby radish. 
  4. On a bowl put the rice noodles the flounder, the cucumber, and the baby radish and mix it very well with the coconut milk and lime juice. 
  5. You are almost done, sprinkle some sunflower seeds kernels and salt to your taste. 
  6. Add on the top the leaves of basil and mint for the final touch.... and Voilà!  your salad is ready. 
This salad could be eaten hot or cold, I preferred to eat hot to feel more satisfied. As you can imagine I like to eat a lot.  I hope you like it... Bon Appétit!

Photos: Adriana Parrilla  
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Gold Accessories and Daniel Wellington Watch

As some of you might know I'm a vintage clothing freak and that includes accessories. If I buy something brand new I like that piece to have that timeless quality.

One of my favorites accessories for already two years now is my Classic Sheffield Daniel Wellington watch. It gives such an effortless look with whatever that I decide to wear it. And it has that vintage/timeless feeling that I'm looking for. I especially like to mix it with thin simple jewelry and my favorite boater hat. I think during summer is better always to keep it simple and fresh especially if you live in a city where it gets really hot. That's why I always opt for things that are simple but that  at the same time look really chic.    

Photo: Adriana Parrilla

You can check all the Daniel Wellington Watches Collection here
Also you can check for a Boater Hat at HatHat here

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